Dedicated Server Hosting

OkServers is resolute in operating the highest tier hosting platform on the planet. We are here to provide reliable hosting solutions, capable of powering your applications without worry of hardware or network failure, on one of the best interconnected networks in the world.

We set the standard of high performance dedicated hosting.

Go ahead, run some benchmarks, compare us to the other guys, see how we compare. OkServers gets you the most computational resources for your dollar.
We are confident you will not be able to get hardware and network performance like ours for our pricing anywhere.

You are a small provider I've never heard of, why should I host with you instead of the big guys over at [Large generic hosting provider]?

Other then the fact that our pricing gets you more network and hardware for your dollar then the other guys? Let's see...

  • We don't have a staff of 50 employees serving tens of thousands of customers. If you need support our small yet resilient team will be ready to get hands on with you and your specific needs to ensure a smooth hosting experience. You won't be put in a queue and wait days for help, you will get it when you need it, right then and there.
  • Has an emergency situation come up? Do you need 10 servers by yesterday with 20Gbps transit capacity? How long are you prepared to wait for a large service provision while your application suffers down time? We will begin deployment of your time sensitive needs the second after payment, no contracts, no commitments.
  • Do you live in an internet supressed country? Do you suffer from censorship or government eavesdropping? We do not require any personal details to provision a server, if we can communicate with you (email, phone, live chat, etc) you can get a server.
  • Have you ever ordered a server to see the price is $50-$100 more then what you expected? Are 'installation fees' only popping up at the end of the checkout process? Not with us. We hate hidden fees just as much as you, which is why we will NEVER add any pricing that you don't expect.
  • Do you live locally to a hosting provider? Have you ever asked them to view your equipment? What was their response? Any customer can schedule a data center tour and we will show them the exact box they are paying for, our hardware, our network, our infrastructure.

The standard OK server manufacture and provision process


Server is delivered from manufacturer

Once we require new hardware, we contact the manufacturer and have it shipped to one of our housing facilities. All servers come directly to us with no 3rd party involvement or parts.


Server is racked & stacked

OkServers handles hardware delivery, unboxing, server mounting, cable connections, fiber uplinks, etc. We get hands on as soon as the shipment arrives.


Server is tested for reliability and performance

Once a new OK Server joins the fleet, our technicians will verify there are no hardware issues and operate stress tests to ensure all parts are operating nominally and meet our high performance hosting standard.


Server is put in provision pool

After a server is determined to be ready for use, it is powered off and put into a pool of unused servers that are ready for sale and operation 24/7. You can even purchase one now!