Managed Services

Programming, Web Development, Systems Administration, Network Management, Application Configuration, Performance Tweaking, Software Installation, Diagnostics, etc...

Are you inexperienced with UNIX based systems? Does your knowledge of running a webserver consist of installing apache and starting the service? Is your database growing exponentially and slowing to a crawl? PHP-FPM crashing for, like, literally no reason? Unsure what to do next?


Take a deep breathe.


Okay, ready to have your software interact with our hardware on a enterprise performance level?

OkServers LLC expertise server management

Tap out, our turn, step away from the keyboard and have a smoothie, let's get your application UP, your lag DOWN, and your service WORKING again!

  • OkServers technical team has 10+ years server hosting and management experience.
  • Ready for people who have dedicated over a third of their lives to exactly this to take a look at your server?
  • Have you attempted configuring something and gotten stuck? Do you think you broke it and are ready to tear the hair out of your head?
  • Don't even know where to start? Do you need a service built from the ground up tailored to your requirements?
  • Has something been working fine for months and has suddenly stopped with no indication of errors and no error logs?
We can help.

Get the assistance you need billed in 15 minute increments. We do not have any standard pricing for service management, please contact our support team and list your specific needs to be given a quarterly-hour quote. Every managed hosting case is different and we treat it as such!

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