Network & Transit

Interconnect to one of the lowest latency, highly resilient, fully unsaturated networks in the world.

OkServers LLC Network

Our network is fully in house, directly maintained and operated by OkServers LLC. We use only brand new networking equipment to route traffic to and from our autonomous system number 395978. When you connect to us you are connecting to a blend of tier 1 transit providers that deliver your packets to and from the global internet with a reliability rating of 99.99%. Our network is perfect for those seeking low latency across the entirity of the continental US and EU, perfect for where low latency is key such as gaming, streaming, or CDN's. You may view our network and analyze our routes for yourself through our Looking Glass

OkServers LLC Transit

Are you looking for high bandwidth internet solutions? OkServers LLC offers world class IP transit services for transmitting your internet packets reliabily across the globe. We can use your IP space or lease out or own. We can support direct BGP peering if you have your own AS and require connectivity. This is a great solution for those who require over 10Gbps dedicated bandwidth or would like to employ their own hardware inside our facility. We offer both flat rate and burstable transit pricing, however a minimum of 10Gbps commited is required in order to purchase our transit.

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