OkServers LLC

Est. 2017

OkServers offers premium dedicated hosting solutions. We've built our base from the ground up to ensure you the highest quality obtainable. We directly maintain and manage our own infrastructure, hardware, and network, to ensure our clients a premium hosting solution.


OkServers directly manages It's own hardware. We rack and stack our own servers that we get delivered brand new from the manufacturer. We have flexibility to customize a server on the fly to meet your needs.

OkServers LLC or affiliates are the only entities ever having physical access to any OK Server. As we directly maintain our equipment, we can accomodate almost ANY hosting solution, if you have any special requests (RAM, HDD, NIC, etc) you can contact us!


OkServers directly manages It's network and presence on the internet through AS395978. We use a mix of Juniper and Cisco networking equipment in our facilities. We directly interconnect to multiple tier 1 ISP's to ensure reliability and provide a network of unparalleled quality.

We are able to offer 'burst' internet transfer speeds (6-8Gbps), we are confident our network will be the highest quality you've had from any hosting provider. Low latency and uncontested ports ensure you a hosting experience like no other.

Who are we and what do we do?

OkServers LLC was incorporated on 1/13/2017 in the state of Delaware (File number: 6281129). We are for the most part a dedicated server hosting company, serving clients around the globe with our centrally located US and EU locations. We have maintained a presence on the internet as of February 6th, 2017 via AS395978. OkServers offers expertise consulting in just about all things technical, although our areas of expertise include but are not limited to: Server hosting, network engineering, systems administration, application configuration, software programming, data processing, etc.

We are a new provider in a fiercely competitive enviornment that is slowly growing and making our presence known. We currently have 30Gbps total transit capacity and ~1 full rack of servers. We are adding capacity and expanding our infrastructure continuously to continue providing unparalleled hosting solutions to our clients.