Privacy Policy

Below you will find our policies on collecting, storing, and distributing client information and affiliated services.

It should be noted that although we offer offshore hosting solutions, OkServers LLC is a US based company, and we are legally required to comply with any court-ordered subpoenas, search warrants, etc. With that being said, we heavily value our customers privacy and are a heavy advocate of free speech and personal expression. Unless we absolutely must, your information will NEVER be disclosed to any 3rd parties or non-OkServers LLC affiliates.

• What information do you collect on-site?
OkServers LLC in one way or another collects and or stores the following information from our users:
First name, Last name, Email address, Country, Area Code, City, Phone Number, Address, IP information, browser details, encrypted password.
Of the above listed details, only the First name, Last name, and Email are an absolute mandatory field. Users paying via paypal are subject to ID verification for the full billing address and phone number on record. Any document copies for ID verification will be securely stored on our own hardware and never released to any 3rd parties unless legally required so.
We collect and store IP and browser details on every login to your OkServers account. Besides this we keep no further record or investigate any further then the HTTP POST request made to access your account. Any information sent via our ticket system is stored within our database in plain-text.

• What information do you collect that's transmitted over a dedicated server port?
In regards to information transmitted to and from our internet circuits, we do not inspect or analyze ANY data or information sent to or from AS395978. Packets passing through your internet link are considered to be your confidential data and are treated as such. We utilize SNMP for interface-based bandwidth monitoring. The only information we obtain from this are the most recent traffic values for in / outbound transit and log a 5 minute aggregate of this information purely for bandwidth monitoring purposes. Once a data packet leaves our network edge or enters your server, the only way it can be re-obtained is by logging it in real time either on your server or the destination.

• How do you store collected information?
Any information OkServers LLC stores on any client is kept in plain-text in our database. The only exception to this is any ID verification document sent to OkServers LLC, and your account password. Any verification document is securely stored within our own facility at the highest level of security. Whenever transferred via internet it is always done so over TLS, SSL, or an equivalent encryption method to circumvent MITM snooping.
All personal details are stored within your accounts database index. IP and browser details are stored in a seperate index, but follow the same exact security policy. The only exception to this is your account password.
We heavily encrypt your password. We offer on-site SSL encryption to circumvent MITM snooping upon your account login, once your password is in our database it is hashed via bcrypt encryption and a 10-round randomly generated salt. Even in a worst-case database leak scenario your login information would be secure.

• Who do you distribute client information to?
OkServers LLC does NOT distribute, sell, or in any other way shape or form administer your information to any 3rd parties. Information given to OkServers LLC is kept strictly private and seen only by OkServers LLC staff or direct affiliates. Even in a circumstance of being legally requested for your details we will first attempt to find an alternate resolution of dispensing only applicable information for the specific circumstance. Although we cannot make any guarantees at all in this sense, you can be assured our best effort will be put forward to compromise as few of your details as possible.

• How do you distribute client information?
In a circumstance that a US based law agency has issued a court ordered document requesting details of a client, OkServers LLC will fully comply with the request to the full extent we are legally obligated to. Our main priority is always with protecting our customers privacy as much as possible. When we send any of your personal information out as per a legally binding request, we will notify the client to our legal extent on what information was released and why.